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Al Arabiya: “What the UAE and Israel have achieved in one year has been nothing short of remarkable”

Gulf-Israel Green Ventures CEO Asher Fredman in Al Arabiya on one year to the Abraham Accords:

Asher Fredman, CEO of Gulf-Israel Green Ventures, told Al Arabiya English what the UAE and Israel have achieved in “one short year” has been “nothing short of remarkable.

“Right away after the Abraham Accords a year ago, there was a realization of the tremendous potential of collaboration in the fields of food security, water security, clean energy and so much more,” he said. “What we have been seeing over two months alone is really the maturation of this new relationship, including the UAE’s water security minister announcing a $150 million investment into Israel alternative energy companies,” he added. [Note from Asher- a small mix-up here. I was referring to the 105M investment by ADQ into Israel’s Aleph Farms]

“We have gone zero to 50 rapidly in this short timeframe; we have seen tremendous potential for cooperation and sustainability and over the next few months what we will see is the realization of that potential and we shall see continue to see a number of exciting deals of cooperation relating to the field of clean energy, food security and water security.

“Despite political situations in Israel, and on the backdrop of COVID-19, together we have moved incredibly fast with bilateral deals; now we are going to see the creation of mechanisms which will both help the strategic pairing between Israel and Emirati technology and businesses which will bring investment and funding which is necessary.”

“Both countries are going to benefit from that – as will the wider region who will also want to replicate the partnerships and success which have taken place.”

“My personal highlight of the Abraham Accords has been getting to know the Emirati people, the culture of tolerance and diversity, the drive for excellence among the UAE people, and the patriotism they have.”

“Seeing all that has been accomplished in the field of sustainability and seeing all the ideas being realized in a real-world situation is remarkable.”

“This partnership will only get stronger. Over the next ten years, the UAE/Israel partnership is going to become one of the strongest forces in the world for sustainable innovation and disruptive energies.”

Full article here-

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