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Introducing: Mobideo

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Mobideo-STO digitally transforms, streamlines and optimizes the full Shutdown-Turnaround-Outage life-cycle from planning and scheduling through workflow execution and post-process analysis. By digitalizing “people work processes” while leveraging cloud, big data analytics, mobility and machine learning technologies, Mobideo-STO enables Owner-Operators in asset-intensive industries to achieve unprecedented levels of operational excellence and increased profitability in one of the most challenging operational environments for industrial companies – STO projects and activities. (Mobideo website)

Mobideo-STO directly addresses Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages in industries such as Oil & Gas, Power, and Chemicals which play a major role in the Gulf economy. These processes are extremely complex, involve thousands of employees and subcontractors, and frequently go off-budget and off-schedule. They also pose risks to worker safety and the environment. Mobideo STO offers “best practices” resulting from Mobideo’s extensive experience with over $3 Billion of STO implementations and ensures efficient and non-disruptive deployments over a very short period.

Mobideo-STO starts by optimizing, planning and scheduling with its best practices methodology hewn over dozens of STOs. The platform then digitalize all workflows, creating real-time visibility between all workers, supervisor and management. Finally, it implements unique AI and BI to significantly improve the entire process and benchmark future STO projects. The resulting benefits include better decision-making, root cause and problem resolution, risk mitigation, transparency, productivity, and significant profitability improvement. Since STOs are staffed overwhelmingly by 3rd party contractors, Mobideo-STO is a paradigm shift in contractor metrics and results in innovative contractor programs and powerful cost management. Customers experience savings as much as 30% due to the transformative way Mobideo streamlines workflow execution in a manner completely different from the past.

Mobideo-STO is “customer pressure tested” by significant industry leaders such as Chevron Phillips, Dow Chemicals, Hess Petroleum, Koch Industries and many more.

As Mobideo expands its activities in the Gulf, Gulf-Israel Green Ventures (GIGV) is excited to work with this ground-breaking company, making use of GIGV's extensive network of relationships in relevant industries in the region.

To learn more about Mobideo-STO, visit:

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