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The National: "How the Abraham Accords changed people's lives in UAE and Bahrain"

"How the Abraham Accords changed people's lives in UAE and Bahrain"- Gulf-Israel Green Ventures CEO Asher Fredman interviewed in The National, the top newspaper in the UAE, regarding the work of Gulf-Israel Green Ventures in building bridges between Israel and the Gulf, on the occasion of one year to the Abraham Accords.

"Asher Fredman, chief executive of Gulf-Israel Green Ventures, set up the first and largest forum to bring Emiratis and Israelis together to find opportunities for eco-tech co-operation after the accords were signed.

Israel can learn a lot from the UAE's green technology achievements, he said, such as the establishment of Masdar City and the country’s solar fields.

Co-operation can help both countries achieve their goals, which include ambitious targets to develop their desert regions, increase renewables and reduce water consumption.

“Not only will this make a lot of business sense for both sides and people will do really well, but I think it will help both of our countries move forward and become leaders in our fields," he said.

“I think this collaboration can really help. It’s sort of a win-win for everybody.”

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