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Visiting Masdar City: Cutting-edge sustainable city and R&D hub in Abu Dhabi

On Gulf-Israel Green Ventures CEO Asher Fredman's visit to the #UAE last week, he had the pleasure of visiting Masdar City, the pioneering sustainable city built on the sands of Abu Dhabi, and meeting with Eng. Masarra Al Ameri, Director of Masdar Free Zone, and Nermeen Negm, Senior Business Development Manager. As the international community prepares to gather in Glasgow for #COP26, while the world economy slowly reaccelerates post-COVID, we are faced with the urgent dilemma of how to combine rapid economic growth and urban development, with a decrease in emissions and negative #climate impacts. Masdar City is on the cutting-edge of both advancing sustainable solutions for urban environments, and developing a world-class Emirati R&D hub focused on #cleantech, #mobility, #AI and other key sectors.

During the meeting, Gulf-Israel Green Ventures and Masdar City discussed ways of connecting Israeli companies and innovation to the exciting developments taking place in Masdar. The potential is great, and Gulf-Israel Green Ventures is looking forward to expanding our cooperation.

The wind tower pictured here, located in the heart of Masdar City, combines an ancient Middle Eastern method for cooling cities, with modern technology. By drawing air down into the city, combined with other techniques such as slanted buildings and narrow streets, the city is naturally cooled and is roughly 10 degrees Celsius cooler than the streets of Abu Dhabi, some 17km away.

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